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  • Brioche loaf                                              10

classic french slightly sweet loaf enriched with eggs and butter, it's a decadent loaf with a rich and tender crumb. Serves 10-12

  • Babka loaf                                                15

an Eastern European traditional sweet loaf marbled with a variety of sweet fillings, perfect treat for your morning tea or coffee. Serves 6-8




  • Challah loaf                                             8

this loaf, is enriched with milk and eggs, slightly sweet, airy and flavorful, perfect accompaniment for the holiday meal​. Serves 6-8

  • Croissants                      1/2d  13.5           1d  27

made with European butter and 100% from scratch our flaky croissants are a decadent replacement for the traditional dinner roll

         - 1/2 dozen

         - 1 dozen 




Desserts & Cakes

  • Croquembouche                             40

26 mini cream puffs filled with vanilla mousseline cream, dipped in caramel and staked to resemble a cone. Serves 10-13

  • Yule Log                                          45

also known as Bouche de Noel, this is an European classic with a modern twist. Our log is a silky mousse encased in mirror glaze. A treat guaranteed to wow your guests. Serves 8-10




  • Mini tart box                                  18

12 assorted mini berry, lemon tarts and caramel pecan tarts. Serves 4-6


  • Shortbread Box                           -  (details coming soon)

two sizes of wooden gift boxes with an assortment of shortbreads and treats

  • Christmas Gingerbread house        75

a masterly decorated with white royal icing gingerbread house to make a perfect table centerpiece and a delicious snack later. Measures 10"*9"*8"

  • Decorate your own Gingerbread House     50

a 10"*9"*8" gingerbread house ready to decorate. We will attach a royal icing recipe all you have to do is bring it home, buy some of your favorite Christmas candies or just skip this step and have fun with your family.

  • Santa's Chocolate Chip Cookies
       1/2 doz 12   1 doz   22

our chocolate chip cookies are made with Belgian ​​chocolate and non-gmo flour, as special as Santa deserves

  • Santa's GF Chocolate Cookies  
       1/2 doz  14        1 doz   26

our own recipe of pure chocolaty goodness, loads of Belgian chocolate a touch of sugar and no gluten at all.

  • Macarons                    1/2 doz   14         1 doz   27

our classic macarons in a gift box, they make a great host gift 

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