Saturday, November 10th 11:00am
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Time: 2 hours

This is both demo and hands on class. This is a very special and time consuming recipe, this dough is cloud like soft and fragrant due to the 2 day process resulting in a lightly sweetened roll with a rich and silky cream cheese frosting. The dough will be demonstrated during class by our pastry chef Uliana Komodi, then you'll recive the ready to go dough to make your own rolls, prove and bake. You'll take home 8 large rolls to share with family and friends (or not :) and a recipe of your own best Cinnamon Rolls ever to make on Sunday morings.

What we love about this recipe: the dough is mildly sweetened with honey resulting in a not overly sweet roll. The cream cheese frosting sweetness is also adjustable, making this pastry an almost guilt free treat.

November Cinnamon Roll Class

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