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Our hand-painted bonbons are always made with the highest quality Belgian chocolate filled with infused ganaches and caramels, each piece handcrafted from start to finish.


Forever Mine Bonbon Box contains 15 bonbons


  • Pink Heart (3 each) - raspberry pâte de fruit and cheesecake ganache in a dark chocolate shell  
  • Coral Heart  (2 each) - guava pâte de fruit and guava passionfruit ganache in a dark chocolate shell
  • Blue Heart  (2 each) - Lime tonca bean gel with white chocolate ganache with a touch of coconut in a dark chocolate shell
  • Nude Lips (2 each) - lemon gel and honey vanilla bean caramel in a dark chocolate shell
  • Pink Lips (2 each) - yuzu pâte de fruit with yuzu white chocolate ganache in a white chocolate shell
  • Red lips (2 each) - pomegranate pâte de fruit with dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell
  • Nightfall Lips (2 each) - bourbon whiskey caramel in a dark chocolate shell


This product contains dairy and may contain tree nuts. Best eaten within 7 days of purchase. Keep in a cool dry place. (18C/64F) or refrigerated.

Forever Mine Bonbon Box

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  • Order can be canceled no later than 24 hours before pick up.

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