Our Baking Kits include one of our tested and trusted recipes, and all the ingredients to bake it at home. All is required is a mixer, rolling pin and basic baking tools.


-Apricot-Pecan Rugelach Cookies (beginner level)

This buttery flaky pastry filled with apricot jam and pecans is mildly sweet and easy to make. Makes 24 cookies


-Double Chocolate Cookies (beginner level)

Sweet and chewy, these cookies are the perfect cross between chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Made with Callebaut Belgian chocolate, this is a decadent treat perfect with a glass of milk.


-Lemon-Blueberry Cheesecake Bars (intermediate level)

This recipe is worth every minute of invested time, and although it needs some time, the result is a luscious cheesecake flavored with lemon zest and topped with a local blueberry jam. Makes 10x10 inch, 25 servings.


-Nutella Linzer Cookies (beginner level)

A recipe suitable for family fun. Linzer is a shortbread sandwich cookie with added almond flour for an extra buttery crumb, and Nuttela to hold them together. Overall a very easy process with the option of personalizing your cookie. Makes 24 cookies

Baking Kits

  • If the recipe will not be prpared the same day, some ingredients will have to be removed and refrigerated.