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We are now open for collaborations, we offer:

  • menu development for both plated and ready to sell desserts

  • creating original recipes

  • bakers and pastry chefs coaching and training

  • opening bakery, pastry shop or coffee shop consulting

  • equipment and production technology consulting 



We are a pastry chef and baker team who run our own shop for over 5 years. We know what it takes to run a successful business on a day to day basis.

Our pastry chef Uliana Komodi is an absolute perfectionist, loves a well-organized process, a detailed recipe and a good thermometer. Over the year she has perfected chocolate tampering, Macarons, modern pastry techniques and the art of mirror glaze and mousse cakes. Uliana has studied business and administration and she is well initiated in all administrative processes at the shop. She manages the shop's finances and legal paperwork as well as all of our commercial accounts.

Christina Sava is the head baker and barista at the shop. Christina has perfected the art of gluten development and perfect croissant lamination, she is our dough expert, anything from a shortbread cookie to a sourdough loaf is within her range. Christina is excellent at market research, online business image and presence, as well as equipment research, upkeep, and purchasing. 





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